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Anti-Wrinkle Cream


Limited Time Offer Only $59.95

ONLY $59.95

  Smooth Anti-Wrinkle Cream is formulated to diminish the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Regular use leads to a cumulative effect of decreased creases and furrows around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.
Smooth is a safe topical alternative to Botox® injections. The ingredients in this product have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of new lines. It reduces the appearance of aging by inhibiting the contraction of neurotransmitters that cause repeated movements of the facial expression muscles. This promotes the appearance of smooth skin, especially on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.

Facial wrinkles are caused by a number of factors including:
--Sun damage which breaks down the skin's collagen and elastin.
--Loss of skin moisture.
--Repetitive facial movements....squinting, frowning, sleep positions, etc.
--Slower cell turnover and cell growth as the skin ages.
--Free radical damage caused by cross-linking between proteins which leads to wrinkling of the skin.
Even younger adults will benefit from the use of Smooth. Use of the product early on will prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Additionally, for those who do already invest in Botox® injections, you will find that Smooth extends the effects of the treatments and thus results in fewer office visits.

Smooth is an anti-aging wrinkle cream developed by an Aesthetic Physician who brought Meso-Lipotherapy to North America (Dr. Roman Chubaty) and a Plastic Surgeon (Anthony Lockwood) who is on the Allergan (manufacturer of Botox) teaching panel.

Smooth increases the regeneration of collagen and elastin, tightens the skin, and reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles. While Botox® injections paralyze the muscles, Smooth simply relaxes them.
Smooth is remarkably effective on the forehead, around the eyes, between the brows and around the mouth. Use it on face, neck and décolleté.

Smooth Anti Wrinkle Cream has several active ingredients to help reduce wrinkles, regenerate the collagen and smooth out the fine lines which appear around the delicate eye and facial area. Most products on the market today contain one active ingredient: Acetyl-hepatpeptide-3, trade name Argireline®. However, Smooth Anti-Wrinkle Cream additionally contains Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, found in StriVectin® and DMAE. Acetyl-hepatpeptide-3, Pentapeptide and DMAE have been reviewed in Dermatology journals as being effective anti-aging chemicals.

Acetyl hexapeptide 3 (AH3), a deep penetrating, powerful amino peptide that helps to relax the intensity and frequency of facial muscle contractions. This aides in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. Cumulative improvement in the depth and size of wrinkles can be achieved through regular use.
DMAE is an antioxidant that helps increase skin firmness and elasticity. It improves cutaneous tensile strength, which causes toning and firming of the skin.
Palmitoyl-Oligopeptide is a protein that stimulates collagen production and the synthesis of other important compounds in the skin. It has been scientifically proven to regenerate layers of skin. This leads to the repair of skin damaged by the sun and the effects of aging.
Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful anioxidant that fights free-radicals that cause skin to age. It inhibits cross-linking between proteins which causes wrinkling of the skin.
Vitamin E functions to protect cells against wrinkle-causing free-radical damage.
Smooth acts directly on both the epidermis and the dermis and indirectly on the muscle, causing a decrease in muscular contraction.
This muscular relaxation prevents and reduces surface, medium-depth and deep wrinkles and crow’s feet caused by the dynamic movements of the facial muscles.
Its muscle-relaxing yet non-paralyzing action makes it ideal for applying in complete comfort at home. Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic.

* Instantly smoothes, protects and moisturizes.
* Instantly hydrates the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
* Helps firm skin.
* Helps prevent free radical damage and premature signs of aging.
* Non-greasy formula contains no pore-clogging oils.
* Gentle and safe for sensitive skin.
* Fragrance-free.
Physician formulated and clinically tested.

Use morning and night. Apply a small even amount to clean, dry skin twice daily gently massaging the areas around the forehead, eyes and lips with your fingertips.
Daily application not only provides instant results of a smoother appearance, but over time fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. It even acts to reduce the production of new wrinkles.

--Smooth rejuvenates and hydrates your skin.
--Reduces the intensity and frequency of muscle contractions.
--Assists in preventing the appearance of fine lines caused by smiling, frowning, etc., with no disruption in natural expression.
--Smoothes out and minimizes depth of lines.
--Increases skin firmness.