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Slimming Cellulite Cream


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Slender is a slimming cream for topical use in the reduction of cellulite and body fat formulated by physicians. By using a time-release liposome delivery system, Slender utilizes clinically tested and proven active ingredients that melt away fat on those stubborn areas. Cellulite and accumulated body fat are due in part to a limited amount of oxygen being delivered to the body’s cells because of improper circulation. Decreased blood flow makes it difficult for our bodies to eliminate toxins, which accumulate in the fat cells. Slender contains many naturally occurring products that combat poor circulation. This special formulation contains ingredients that work together to increase local circulation, burn fat, and flush toxins from the fat cells. The ingredients work synergistically to spot reduce common problem areas such as cellulite, love handles, and fat on the belly.

The active fat emulsifying ingredients are delivered transdermally. Once these ingredients reach the fat cells, they work synergistically to melt away fat. This time-released system transports the ingredients to target the fat cells continuously. Over time, the size of the individual fat cells is reduced and thickness of the fat layer is reduced.

Methyl nicotinate
stimulates blood flow to the area. Causing vasodilation, it allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin so that they can reach the fat-containing subcutaneous layer.
Lecithin, or phosphatidylcholine, aides in transdermal delivery and also acts to emulsify fat within the fat cell.
Adenosine Phosphate stimulates endogenous lipolysis by activating lipase.
Lipase, the key enzyme of lipolysis (lipids are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol), acts as a catalyst in initiating fat burning, within the fat cells.
Caffeine stimulates cellular circulation, flushing wastes out of the fat cells. It also stimulates fat-burning metabolism by inhibiting the enzyme that destroys cAMP (which activates lipase).
L-Carnosine increases the amount of oxygen available to the fat cell. It eliminates the by-products of our metabolism, flushing toxins from the fat cells.
Ginkgo biloba extract and Gotu kola act to enhance circulation and increase oxygen flow to the tissue.
Hazelnut extract works to firm and tone the outer layer of skin.


Both men and women will see results from using Slender. Over 90% of all women, no matter weight, shape, or size, suffer from cellulite. Slender reduces the “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite. Men can also use Slender to reduce accumulated body fat. Even those who workout consistently but still can’t seem to get rid of those bulges and pockets of fat will see results with this exciting new product. Slender is the answer to finally shedding that stubborn layer of fat.


Slender is used topically on clean, dry skin. A generous amount is applied to the problem areas twice daily. Once rubbing the cream until it is fully absorbed, you may use a body wrap such as cellophane to enhance the thermogenesis and improve noticeable results.

*Note that Slender can be used alone or as an effective adjunct to Meso-lipotherapy. It’s active ingredients resemble those used in Meso-lipotherapy and Mesoderm electroporation treatments.
**Studies have shown that use of similar products containing a 4% solution of Adenosine Phosphate, Lipase, and Caffeine leads to a significant reduction in the thickness of adipose tissue by 12.2% after 4 weeks of application. Slender has an 8% solution of these ingredients, making far more effective in reducing fat. Slender also includes other fat burning compounds and a highly effective delivery system provided by Methyl Nicotinate and Lecithin to further enhance lipolysis.