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Intense Pulse Light Treatments

Photoepilation - Hair Reduction
Unwanted or excessive hair is a  common problem. Today, approximately 80 percent of men and women aged 16 to 60 remove face and body hair regularly. A new generation in hair removal systems using the unique LHE (Light Heat Energy) technology enables hair removal from virtually every part of the body (except the eyebrows) safely, quickly, and efficiently. A series of several treatments is all that's needed for long-lasting removal of excess or unwanted hair.

-Safe and reliable - Selectively targets and destroys only the hair follicles while avoiding high heat levels for the safest light-based treatment available.

-Simple and easy - A plug and pulse system that requires no cooling gels or pre-treatment procedures.

-Quick - With the largest spot size around, even large body areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.

-Unbeatable value - The innovative technology makes for a much more efficient and cost-effective system for both the practitioner and the client.

LHE, the next generation in light based hair removal, answers the needs and concerns of both practitioners and their clients. Its low energy levels create an ultra safe virtually pain free treatment that doesn’t require any preparation or skin cooling. The easy to use multi-platform flexibility has lowered the cost of treatment to within reasonable boundaries for the average consumer.

Treatments are performed monthly for several months depending on the area being treated, with most areas requiring 5 – 8 treatments for effective long term removal.

Light based hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis. Selective photothermolysis involves using a high energy light source to target the melanin in the hair shaft, and then convert that light to heat inside the follicle. The heat then damages bulge and root responsible for producing hair.

To bring down the energy levels and increase safety, LHE relies on the innate synergetic relationship between Light and Heat to create a singularly efficient photothermal technique. Along with powerful safety mechanisms, Radiancy engineers developed innovative algorithms that take full advantage of the skin’s thermal absorption capabilities and limitations. Together these features lower light fluence to achieve unparalleled safety levels. With its unique light and heat combination, LHE maximizes the heat effect on the follicle without damaging adjoining tissue.

How LHE Photoepilation Works

hair 1

Flashes of broad-spectrum light and heat from the LUA are applied to the target area.


The light selectively targets the melanin in the hair, elevating the temperature inside the follicle.


Direct heat assists coagulation of the hair bulge and root by further raising the temperature inside the follicle.


The combined energy of the light and heat results in subsequent coagulation of the hair follicle. A natural process eliminates the destroyed hair.


The result is long-term hair removal for hair-free skin.


LHE Acne Phototherapy

Breaking the Barriers in Acne Clearance

Acne, pimples, zits, no matter what you call it, acne is a serious, often heartbreaking condition. And one of the most common, worldwide nearly 80% of people will suffer from acne at some point in their lives. For some, it is simply annoying. For many others however, acne is a significant problem that has a significant impact on their lifestyle and quality of life. Now, new light-based phototherapy treatments for acne offer hope to millions of sufferers unwilling or unable to take systemic medications.

LHE enables the first true no-compromise solution for acne; excellent clinical results and uncompromised safety on all skin types. Using a unique combination of red light, green light and heat, LHE achieves unmatched clinical results. Patients have experienced up to 90% clearance of acne lesions after a 4 week/8 session treatment course. And most patients were still acne-free at final follow-up 3-6 months after treatment.

When treating acne blemishes, time is of the essence. The longer a client suffers from the condition, the deeper run the scars both physical and emotional. LHE works fast, offering a complete treatment in 30 days compared with the 6 – 18 months usually required for systemic treatment. LHE’s addition of heat intensifies the chemical process and speeds overall treatment time. Heat also generates an anti-inflammatory response that generally has the patient looking and feeling better within 2 weeks of starting treatment.

Because LHE treats the client with broad spectrum light there are no side effects and no systemic consequences.


-Safe and reliable - Safe acn clearance with no pain or downtime.

-Visible - Results are visible shortly after starting treatment, with clearance reaching up to 90% on average.

-Quick - Just 10 minutes for a full facial treatment.

-Faster than any other treatment - Total treatment time is 1/3 the time of common medication therapy.

How LHE Acne Phototherapy Works


Blocked pores create a closed anaerobic environment that leads to rapid buildup of a P. acnes colony under the skin.


LHE clears acne safely and effectively with a series of concentrated pulses of light and heat. The green wavelength light penetrates deep into the skin to cause proliferation of porphyrins, resulting in the destruction of P .acnes. The concentrated pulse is up to 10,000 times more effective in porphyrin activation than the continuous wave light used by other light-based technologies. The red wavelength produces anti-inflammatory results. The addition of heat, unique to the LHE method, further increases the effectiveness by opening the skin pores and producing a faster chemical reaction.


LHE results in up to 90% clearance of acne blemishes after a series of 8 treatments



LHE Skin Rejuvenation
Photo Rejuvenation

Wrinkles, age spots, sun spots and spider veins - medically known as rhytides and pigmented and vascular lesions - are outward manifestations of aging or sun damaged skin. Once simply accepted as a fact of growing older, these skin imperfections can now be safely and easily treated. New light based techniques like LHE have provided today’s cosmetic patients with virtually painless, non-surgical options.

A comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment may include several treatment goals simultaneously; the improvement of fine lines and skin texture, and the removal of age spots and spider veins. LHE's optimal balance of light and heat enables you to accomplish this multi-factorial process without having to change treatment heads.
Powered by Radiancy's unique LHE Technology, utilizing the combined energy of Light and Heat, this system allows treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, skin aging effects and fine lines as well as wrinkles. Treatments are quick, efficient, and safe.
The unique combination of light and heat energy maintains lower heat levels than any other light-based treatment modality, allowing for the highest safety margins without need for skin cooling.

LHE has demonstrated a clinically proven ability to safely deliver more youthful looking skin and a high level of client satisfaction.

LHE technology's innovative balance of Light and Heat creates a more efficient photothermal process that enables low energy levels. This low J/cm² level optimizes safety and eliminates the need for pre-treatment protocols or skin cooling techniques. Non ablative, LHE treatments are faster and safer with absolutely no downtime, giving your clients the freedom to squeeze a quick appointment into their busy day.


-Safe and reliable - Optimal use of light and heat energy for safely treating the sensitive facial area.

-Visible results
- Noticeable improvement in pigmented and vascular lesions, skin complexion, and fine lines and wrinkles after just a few treatments.

-Quick treatment and no down time -
A typical session lasts 10 minutes with no need for preparation or recovery time.


How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works


As the skin ages and is exposed to the elements of nature, it suffers from degradation and imperfections.


Using LHE technology, short pulses of light and heat selectively target and coagulate chromophores in the epidermis and papillary dermis.


Oxy-hemoglobin in vascular lesions and melanin in pigmented lesions are coagulated. The coagulated cells are eliminated by a natural process and replaced by new cells.


For fine lines and wrinkles, LHE creates a mild thermal insult to the dermal-epidermal junction. The insult triggers a wound-healing process and new collagen remodels under an undamaged outer layer.


LHE results in clearer, smoother, younger looking skin and leads to high patient satisfaction.


Psoriasis is a disease of the immune system whose causes are still largely unknown.

Psoriasis is cyclical in nature. Patients experience episodes of flare-ups alternated with periods of remission that come and go over a lifetime. Although the onset of psoriasis can occur at any age, most cases appear between ages 15-35, with 10% of the cases appearing under the age of 10.

Far more than just a “simple skin disease,” psoriasis is a chronic, debilitating and often painful condition. Skin regenerates approximately 10 times faster than normal, creating a white flakey buildup over a patch of red imflamed skin. Psoriasis is characterized by dry, rough and scaly skin that constantly flakes and peels as well as almost unremmittent itching and burning. Even in its mildest forms psoriasis can make life miserable. And the costs of psoriasis cannot always be measured in money spent. Visible psoriatic lesions can have a negative impact on careers and social life and a psoriasis patient often feels cut off, abandoned and hopeless. Traditional treatments regularly weigh the risk versus the benefit gained but often discount the hours lost in daily treatment regimens that seem to take forever.

Although rarely life threatening, recent studies have shown that psoriasis sufferers rate their quality of life at a level lower than those of diseases usually considered much more serious such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

Psoriasis – a non-stop cycle of itching, scratching, stress and flare-ups that lead to more itching…
LHE Phototherapy for Psoriasis Halts the Cycle.

LHE provides relief without the need for topical therapies, oral medications, painful injections or exposure to potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet light.
LHE psoriasis phototherapy for mild to moderate chronic plaque and guttate psoriasis is a revolutionary and powerful tool in the never-ending battle against psoriasis. A completely safe and painless light-based therapy, LHE can bring complete relief from itching in as little as 2 – 3 sessions. Most patients experience a 75% clearance in psoriatic lesions after a full treatment course of 8-10 sessions carried out over 4-5 weeks.

-Safe - No harmful side effects

-Fast - Complete relief from itching in as little as 2-3 sessions.

-Effective -
Up to 75% clearance in psoratic lesions.

How LHE for Psoriasis Works


In normal skin, the cells grow, move to the surface and are sloughed off at a steady unnoticeable rate. This cycle takes about one month. 


With psoriasis, the immune system sends faulty signals that speed up this cycle to only three or four days. The skin thickens with extra cells and blood vessels grow larger in a attempt to feed those extra cells. Skin cells pile up on the surface with dead cells creating a white, flaky layer over the patch of inflamed skin.


LHE uses specialized flashes of green and yellow Light to shrink and eliminate the blood vessels that feed the abnormal growth of psoriatic skin cells.


The Heat combined with infrared wavelengths reduce swelling and inflammation and very effectively stop the constant itching associated with psoriasis.


Although psoriasis can occur on many areas of the body, LHE’s selective photothermolysis treatments insure that only psoriatic lesions are treated while healthy tissue remains untouched.

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