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Cellulite and Fat:  There are essentially two types of fatty deposits found on the body. The first of which is androcellulite, the second being gynocellulite. Androcellulite manifests as what we call "saddle-bags," "love handles," and "pot belly." Gynocellulite, what we generally refer to as "cellulite," is usually found in females on the lower part of the torso, the dimpled "orange-peel effect."

CELLULITE: Cellulite is caused by numerous factors, including an increase in fat in the cells, poor circulation, and fibrosis of surrounding tissue. Any combination of these leads to the rippled appearance and cold feel of the skin. Treatments vary according to the type of cellulite being treated.

There is no cure for cellulite, but there are effective treatments now available. Mesotherapy is used to treat "stage 3" cellulite. Patients are cautioned to seek out physicians properly trained in nappage and properly trained in Mesotherapy techniques and Lipotherapy treatments. You should ask your physician if the drugs they use are "FDA approved drugs used off label" for stage 3 cellulite treatment. Generally, physicians trained by AesthteicMD and the IMLS are skilled in these techniques. Unlike adipose fat deposits, the number of treatments and frequency vary depending on the stage of cellulite and the individual being treated.

What are the stages of cellulite?

Stage 1: Skin is cool to the touch and presence of spider veins.
Stage 2: Dimpling of the skin present when pinched.
Stage 3: Cellulite is visible when standing, but disappears when the patient lays down.
Stage 4: Cellulite is visible when standing and does not disappear when laying down.


FAT: In aesthetics, Mesotherapy should only be used in “stage 3” cellulite treatment and for MesoGlow & MesoLift.  Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy), pioneered by Dr. Patricia Rittes treats fat deposits such as “saddle-bags,”“love handles,” jowls, eye-pads, stomach or "pot-belly," inner-outer thighs, bra-lines, etc. It is not a weight loss program! Persons with a BMI over 30 may not be considered candidates for treatment.

Results are excellent if the treatment is by a physician who has been trained in the proper protocols, techniques and medications. A recent UCLA study shows that sodium deoxycholate "necrosis" (destroys) the fat cell. Patients should avoid practioners who want to do treatments using a cocktail to treat fat and who want  to perform 10 or more injections per area using nappage or needles (Mesotherapy techniques) to deliver their cocktail just under the skin.  Treatments should not be closer together than two weeks and there should be no more than 4 to 5 treatments in an area.  

The number of treatments depends on the patient being treated and their goals.  Depending on the individual and the area treated, only a couple of treatments may be needed to achieve the patient's desired result.  For example, the pictures below show the effects after 4 treatments.
stomach before after