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Dr TED Diet Patient Testimonials:


To the Staff at AestheticMD,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how well this program is working. I have only been doing it for 3 weeks but have already lost 18 lbs. I felt like I was never going to be able to find a program that would work for me. Even though it has only been 3 weeks I can tell that I will be very successful with this program, I have, like everyon else, tried every diet plan out there. This one is working for me because they let you know exactly what you can eat and how much. For me that is half the battle, and I haven't felt hungry at all. The other half of the battle is being accountable. This program has made me want to work hard not only for me, but for the team that work very hard in supporting your efforts. I don't want to dissapoint them or me. I feel noticably better after such a short time. I have had two friends do this program and they were abel to reach their goals in a short time. It is because of them that I have decided to give this a try. I am looking forward to the next 9 weeks so I can see how far this will take me. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Thank You,

Lori W.

To AestheticMD,

After giving birth to two children 18 months apart and being on the verge of 40 years old. I found myself 60 plus pounds overweight and unable to lose. Without energy, problems with my stomach and pain in my knees and feet preventing me from wearing anything but super cushiony sneakers. I was miserable, caught in a cycle of depression and overeating. I felt hopeless...
Starting the Dr. Ted Diet program was truly my salvation. After receiving all the pre-testing and the listings of foods and guidelines. I chose foods that I liked and were easy for me to prepare. At first I did feel hungry but with the creams, the encouraging staff and the weekly weigh-ins. I quickly saw the pounds coming off. As my body adjusted to the healthy foods I began to feel so much better. I was excited to see my weight loss each week keeping a record at home. I couldn't wait to buy smaller size clothes. Infact I would get something that fit and 2 weeks later it was too big! This was all happening without any real workout routine. The only exercise I did was more walking and getting more things done around my home.
Now that I have lost 74 lbs. I feel amazing. Have lots of energy and lots of "cute new shoes"(none are sneakers) that I can wear with no pain.
Thank-you Aesthetic MD for giving me my life and happiness back!!!,

Now I eat to live, Not live to eat.

To the Staff and Doctors at AestheticMD,

My experience at Aesthetic MD with the TED diet has been phenomenal! I started October 5th, 2007 and began maintenance in January, 2008. During that time I was not hungry, had a tremendous amount of energy and felt the best I had in years! Most importantly, I lost 42 lbs.!! I did all this through the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and maintained my weight during a 7 day cruise in January celebrating my 65th birthday! I could not have done this without the personal weekly monitoring encouragement from the staff at TED.
It is now a year later. Initially, I had gained my weight while taking prednisone which makes me so very hungry. I maintained my weight up until this July when I had to go back on prednisone. I found myself up 10 pounds. A few weeks ago, I went back to the Ted diet on my own and lost those 10 pounds. All along on maintenance I have been taking Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea and DHEA cream in the AM and Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea and 5-HTP cream prior to lunch, B12 under the tongue and Acetyl L-Carmi tine. Over all these years of various I had never been able to lose and maintain my weight. I feel wonderful, am perfectly healthy and am very proud of myself!!!

Barbara A.


To AestheticMD,

I was sick of it, sick of avoiding mirrors, sick of looking huge, sick of not looking “put together” and going shopping was out of the question! What happened to me? Who is this person I see in the family pictures I couldn’t avoid? How did I get like this? I was on the Adkins diet….it didn’t work, I did the Fat Flush diet…… didn’t work. I can’t even remember all the diets I’ve been on in my life. I exercised I don’t eat any white flour anyway because I’m allergic to wheat and that means nothing breaded and or deep fried, I eat fish, veggies and fruits and still I’m gaining weight! I was seriously thinking about Gastric Bypass because I only get one life here, this isn’t practice so why go through life being overweight and being embarrassed about how I look? It didn’t make sense to me I was at the end of my rope, enough already!
After the Aesthetic MD segment on TV, I did truly believe that hormones could help me get rid of my “junk in the trunk”. I made an appt when I still lived 4 hours away so 2 days after we moved to the Phoenix area I was hopeful to be on my way to finding old self because I knew was in that big body somewhere!
Now after 5 weeks on the diet I can see my cheekbones again my shorts are too big and people are commenting on how good I look. Amen. It works; it really does with the help of the girls at Aesthetic MD for support and the foods I eat are all spelled out for me. Now I know I can get the body I want and I will get it, no question in my mind…………….I’m back thanks to Aesthetic MD.

Kathleen H.


What this weight-loss program has meant to me:,

It has been 12 years now that I have been overweight. EVEWRYONE (including yourself) treats differently when you are fat. I have tried many diets over the years and have worked out pretty consistently for at least five years. I thought that with my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and the loss of my ovaries (with no HRT due to cancer) I was a lost cause; that my body just would not allow for weight loss anymore. This was really my last hope as I was ready to give up and finally just accept being fat. Nothing had worked for me until this. I am so happy to have some hint of dignity returning to my life. I am very thankful!!