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Behavior Modification through Relaxation

While working with the physical aspects of our Behavior Modifaction Through Relaxation Programs, you will recieve medically monitored treatments with Dr Roman Chubaty, M.D., and through Light and Sound Sessions you will experience the calming relaxation techniques of Barbara Saint John.

Types of Behavior Modification Programs

Smoking Cessation

Permanently Once and for all! It is easy to stop smoking, easier than you ever thought or imagined possible. We will show you how to break this cigarette habit and nicotine addiction steadily, quickly, easily. This habit is governed by your nicotine addiction, your mouth and mind, we will help you condition your body and mind to be a non smoker.

Weight Behavior Motivation

This Behavior Motivation Program is beneficial when combined with AestheticMD’s weight loss program. Our goal is to enable you to develop the lean, slim, trim and high energy body you want. You will begin to understand and get a sense of what the secrets are to releasing the weight and keeping the weight off for a lifetime and maintain the weight reduction. These sessions are tailored to each individual needs.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction & Management

Are you faced in life with challenges or obstacles? Are you stressed, worried, have doubts about your life, too many pressures and demands that seem hard to handled? Well you can reverse, and not rehearse you dominates thoughts.
Creating a positive mental outlook will remove fear, worry doubt. Build more self confidence, enjoy life and balance yourself physically and emotionally.


There are 50 million people who suffer from Phobias. If you suffer from a crippling fear, learn what caused this phobia, even though we do not need to know the cause to treat it. It can be treated; treatments are designed for each individual person. There are many strategies that can assist you, in letting go and living a happy life full of vitality and energy.

Light and Sound Sessions

The light and sound relaxation sessions are administered by Barbara Saint John, click here to read her biography. With techniques and assistance she will show you, the patient, in reaching deep states of relaxation quickly, and stimulate your creative imagination. This will help you increase motivation and concentration so you can easily reach your goals.