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Behavior Modification through Relaxation with Barbara Saint John, C.HT

About Barbara Saint John C.HT

Barbara Saint John C.Ht is a nationally known therapist and lecturer, businesswomen and consultant with extensive experience as a presenter of seminars and programs for management and human resources. Barbara Saint John’s background includes a highly successful career in Communication and Personal Life Training, and she is well known for her speaking and communication skills.

Barbara Saint John is also a very prominent teacher, author, seminar trainer. While serious about her subject, she has a special way of presenting her material in a humorous, entertaining and informative manner. She as been a therapist to the stars with offices based in Beverly Hill, Ca and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked with many famous actors, actresses, daytime soap stars and film writers, and producers and directors of major TV shows. Barbara Saint John has worked for many years in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, CA helping actors, producers and directors on and off the set with stress management. She has also supported cancer patients with pain management and assisted family members in reducing the associated stress.

Barbara Saint John has studied in the United States and Germany, as a student of psychology under Dr. Robert Anthony. She has also studied Personality Profiling and Color Code Communications with Dr. Taylor Hartman
Barbara Saint John's approach is based on her thirty years of experience in the study of human behavior, treatment methods and philosophies of the Far East, as well as Biofeedback, Time Line Therapy, and Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and many other methods she as developed herself. As a past Private Investigator, Security Consultant and trained interrogator she created the Impact Self Defense Training and Recovery Programs for women.

Barbara Saint John has produced and can be heard on many educational and motivational CD’s and programs such as Stop Smoking, Weight Release and Reduction Techniques, Stress Reduction and Stress Management and Relaxations, Harmonic Journey, Harmonic Mind and Body and many more. While living in Germany, Barbara Saint John also developed the Dasein Method to assist veterans in stress control as well as Success Masters and Success Dynamic Personal and Professional Development Training Programs.

Barbara St. John has had incredible success in applying these various techniques to a variety of issues and life stresses regarding individuals, couples, families, businesses. Her seminars and CD’s get results because she uses the most current and effective awareness techniques with her profound insight as a comprehensive reiterater. This gives her the ability to understand why people do and behave as they do and how to make their interactions and behaviors more successful and fulfilling in all aspects of their lives.