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High Marks from attendees on CME evaluations. We don't score 100% on every day and every conference, but typically 94% or more recommend our course to other physicians. The following statistic from attendees at the last 4 Saturdays of Meso-Lipotherapy Seminars responding to CME dayly evaluations:

"Would you recommend this day of the conference to a colleague?"  YES  100%  NO  0%

When Asked “What did you like the BEST about this conference?”, Doctors have had this to say in the past conferences:


“Much more scientific approach.  Fact based treatment.  Far superior to previous courses in mesotherapy given by other group (ASAM).”

“The information that was presented has and will have a huge impact on my practice.  Dr. Rose, Rotunda, & Ablon’s study gave very thorough and convincing presentations that can make the public less skeptical.”

“Faculty, Q & A sessions, & incorporation of scientific data to support procedures.  Also being able to watch the experts perform live “

“Dr. Rittes was amazing with her presentation and answering questions.”

“Hands-on practice, live demonstrations.  Meso-gun lecture." 

“Mix of presenters.”

Dr. Rittes (This was stated 19 times in one conference alone!).

Hearing from people who have done a lot of the treatments.

“The experience of the presenters..”

“The move towards scientific approach.” 

“Experienced physicians at the podium” (This was stated 5 times in one conference).

“Lots of science to back up the mesotherapy.  This was excellent.”

“The instruction given practically on the Saturday was very good.”

“UCLA studies” (Dr. Rotunda received this compliment 8 times in one conference.).

“Personal contact with doctors at breaks.”

“The multiple viewpoints and the interplay between faculty.”

“The variety of staff/panel members with different complimentary approaches.”

“Good quality speakers with years of experience.”

Dr. Rittes, … Dr. Chubaty.

“Good speakers.  Honesty.”

“Scientific data by Rose/Rotunda/Ablon.”

“Max info in short time.”

“Mix of science and practical info.”

“Dr. Rittes and the clean scientific basis.  Good coverage of studies and side effects.”

“Dr. Chubaty’s emphasis on repetition.”

“Direct interactions with faculty and direct observation of techniques.”

“Dr. Rittes, Dr. LeCoz, ... were great lecturers and helped promote my belief in mesotherapy.”

“Demonstrations and nappage practice.”

“Faculty, Q & A sessions, incorporation of scientific data to support procedures.  Also to be able to watch the experts perform live demos.”

“The top faculty/panel of professionals.”

“Clinical results, before and after photos.”

“New information, new evidence.”

“Detail explanation of theory and teaching of technique.”

“Teaching effectiveness by Dr. LeCoz.”

“Lipodissolve demonstration.”

“Good ideas & recipes to follow and adjust to give our patients the best results.”

“Hands-on training and monitoring.  Experts in the field teaching the principles.”

“New information about research (completed and in progress).”

“The best information and observation was the application of mesotherapy to selected members of the audience.”

“Dr. Rittes was welcoming and willing to teach.  Technique of meso vs. lipo was explained”

“Histological/biochemical credence given to techniques.  Advice about good techniques and avoidance of pitfalls.  Live demonstrations of technique.  Repeat information multiple times.”

“I appreciate the many years of experience that some of the faculty bring the critical assessment and investigation by others.”

“The academic Dermatology of UCLA people giving credibility to some of the information.”

“Hands-on and actually being able to see procedures being done.”

“Opportunity to offer more modalities to patients and be at the breakthrough of the field.”

As you can see, Aesthetic MD's Training is superior in all the places that it counts:

  • Educator Credentials
  • Educator Knowledge
  • Updated Information
  • Scientific Backing
  • Q & A time- both personal and group settings
  • Many viewpoints that compliment each other
  • Pioneers whom have developed tried and true procedures and cocktails in Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve.