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For Fitness

Weight loss/firm/tone
As a single mom of two kids with no time to work out and 8 hours a day behind a desk, I realized that I was no longer in shape and definitely overweight. I was tired of feeling ‘stuffed’ into my clothes and being afraid to wear a swimsuit. I started to use the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine for just 10 minutes on my lunch hour. The feeling of working out (without the time, sweat, and pain!!) was terrific. The boost in serotonin made me feel great and helped me to make better choices in what I ate. The arthritis pain in my knees decreased so much that taking walks and bike rides with the kids became fun again. I lost 30lbs in 3 months! That’s a size 14 down to a 6 - I feel terrific! I’m more toned and firm now than I was before kids! It’s been over a year now since I first stepped onto the K-1. I use the K-1 at least 5 times per week, just once a day for 10 minutes. The weight is staying off and I feel better than ever.

Sterling Heights, MI

I need to be careful of my lower back as I have an old injury in that area. I never lift heavy objects. But recently, I went to a sewing seminar and had a very heavy sewing machine in a heavy case. The seminar was on the second floor, and there were no elevators. Because my arms and legs are now so much stronger thanks to the Noblerex K-1 Platinum, I was able to life and carry it myself. No problem.

Ashland, OR

For Health

If I had to sum up the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine in one sentence I would say...Do Not Live Without It!!!! I have MS and Fibromyalgia. Before I started using the K-1 Machine I also had 5 bulging discs, confirmed by MRI reports. The back pain I endured was horrific. I could not stand straight for months and within 4 days of using the K-1 machine I was walking around straight up with no pain!! I cannot explain the difference in my body from using the K-1 machine but no worries, I have no complaints. 10 minutes, two times a day, who doesn't have time for that? And to feel human again is the most incredible gift I have ever received. My whole hearted thank you to Dr. Gilles and her wonderful staff! I definitely recommend the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Staten Island, NY

Overall Health
I have been on my new K-1 Platinum all of 3 week now, twice a day, and I do say I am stronger than maybe ever in my 57 years. I have walked many miles a day for years, and since the K-1 I've noted my legs and arms are more fluid and stronger and have more swing to them. I walk up hills with much more ease. My sleep is deeper. I was back country skiing the other night and started to fall forward, I found myself in a crouched position almost sitting, flying down a meadow saying to myself in wonder "My legs have never held me up like this before". In the past it would have been a crash and snow. And the positive compliments I gotten from friends about my posture and color, it’s all good. I've reaped many befits in a very short time. Wonderful! I wonder what am I going to be like after a year’s time on this machine? Superman? Great product. Thanks

Montpelier, Vermont

For Therapy

Neuromuscular reeducation
I sold the machine to a stroke person, who was told by their doctor to get used to the cane. He was unable to walk without a cane and not up hills. After 2 weeks he called me and said "the cane is in the closet" and he is walking up the hill every day. Oh… he is 72 yrs old.

Dr. Lenny – advocate for the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine
Sonoma, CA

Physical Therapy
I have had an increasingly painful, frozen left shoulder for the past 18 months. Just raising my arm over my head resulted in muscle spasms that went down my deltoid muscles all the way to my elbow. Very painful. I couldn't even reach behind my back to try to stretch the arm any longer. No amount of massage or cranio-sacral work would relieve it. I began using the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine as gently as I could, while still pushing my mobility. After only 3 weeks of daily use, the pain is almost gone completely, and I have full mobility back in my left arm. Wow. I bought the machine to assist me in my weight-loss program, which it is definitely accomplishing. This was a most-welcomed side benefit. I'm very grateful. Thank-you,

Mendocino, Ca.

What users are saying about the K1

I will be 62 years old in January 2007, and have been ill since I was six weeks old. The doctors said I had little to no immunity.

 In 1981 found out I was allergic to potatoes and many other foods.  At eleven years injured my lower spine with spinal nerve damage (had paralysis for awhile).  And since that injury (until I used the vibration machin) had severe sciatic pain (radiating pain down both legs) and low back pain.  Had been hospitlized many times, saw many doctors, was on cortisone for twenty-five years.


Needless to say I was a mess and the doctors couldn't help me.  So  suffered with extreme itching (due to the cortisone) and generalized muscle-skeletal pain. Also had frequent problems with my balance.. Have been treated by at least ten chiropractors.  I know only see holistic/naturapathic doctors.  And have learned to be very intuned on what is good for my body.  I think now that I have my machine I will no longer need to see my massage therapist or chiropractor.


After the first time on my friend's K-1 machine, I had immediate improvement in my equilibrium.  My friend could not beleive it.  I knew then I had to have one.

I have had my machine for three weeks, use it every day or every other day, ten minutes standing, and ten minutes sitting.    It works every muscle in my body, and when I get a place that is tight, I put myself in a position and it works it out.


This machine has done more for me than any other therapy or combined thearpies; and  in such a short period of time.  I no longer have the severer pain (that I have suffered from since l981)  Can actually sleep all night pain free. Pre machine---had to sleep in a chair, now can sleep in my bed..  

I have noticed it has made me stronger and is an instant energy-booster. And for the first time in many years am not taking my many vitamins...don't feel I need them!


I will say this much, nothing that I have tried has been able to help my frozen lumbar area  (been frozen since my accident at ll years old)  My back no longer feels frozen; and now have very minimal pain.  (I would rate my pain, prior to the machine as severe, almost constant)  Believe it or not, I also feel that I am taller. 


I now don't know if I can live without this machine. I am worried about going on a vacation we have planned and not having my vibration machine.


Connie Beierman



Before I received my machine I could not walk any distance without my cane and even very short distances,and with a lot of hurt. When going to a store I would have to use a wheelchair.I could not get up from a sitting position without help. I had so much constant pain in my neck that I had used heat to relieve the pain. I could not turn my head without painful cracking. No pills or heat helped. I could not even bend over to tie my shoes or pick up anything from the floor. Now I have this machine for five weeks and all  this is gone. I can walk without my cane, I have cancelled a nerve block for my neck, I am all over my yard and house. I even loaded a wheelbarrow with firewood and pushed to outside fire and then built a fire. I can do my vacuming. The changes in my life are so amazing that any one who saw me a month ago cannot believe how I am today, but the changes began after the first use. My husband could not believe what he was seeing. The improvements keep on daily. I am now pain free, and never go without this machine.  

Very sincerely and truthfully yours, 

Jan Fish